Twin planets orbiting each other and our steady star Kolima.

Rip is water and ice over a slow burning core. Deep red-bleached darkness presses against flickers of bioluminescence, sound and electric rhythms. Stories of deep water reflected again in the deep sky.

Our sea world speaks in colour. Our star is told in ice refracted, diffuse blues; in the stark burning white edges of the equatorial melt ring. Gold light is mediated by ice bonding coral. Seagrass and weed in amber greens and a full spectrum of fish. Geological chemical colours sometimes erupt from the heat below and spray a dappled shadow over ice, bursts of steam and drifting clouds of silt.

From the surface a whole different perspective. Our sister planet is the dark twin of our ancient star; braiding the sky with light and shadows. She speaks to us in wide eclipses and intense tides. Walls of water wash high over the ice. Coral, seagrass and anything in range is sprayed in layers over the surface for great distances. Vivid fish swim in counterpoint to the tides, cephalopods and crustaceans climb a steady path across anchored coral, adjusting their profile to harvest the flow. A global migration, heading for the slow swinging sweet spot; low tide, waiting for the syncopated lightheat to intersect.

At low tide, the ice shell can be high above; a cavern of light, air and sound, echoing strangely. Sometimes water holds inside and you can swim up to see the sky dark and dare to reach for the bright heat pressed against the outside of the shell. Sometimes the ice collapses. Heat burns jagged imploding rifts in the ice; bursting pressure of air, thundering retreat of ice and water. Rumbling slurry reverberates and subsides, melting, freezing in clear shards with coral seams as night falls. Awash, reglazed and pushed upwards again on the turning tide.

We live below the heavy push and pull in subtle light, writing stories into slow coral and calcium carbonate canyons. We learn the languages of other species and debate with the synaptic communities of keratin skinned jellyfish. They ask us to imagine visiting our restless twin planet, Bat. And so we dream.


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