butterflies and other bad influences

Whisky wasn’t always a gardener and so her loyalties to the crops are offset by an annoying tolerance for plant-eating wildlife. We first figured out that things were getting out of hand when leaving the gravity well resulted in airborne @@@ millipedes like lost black snow. We traced them to the garden and found the whole space clouded with a diverse range of species coming to terms with involuntary flight.

The worm farm is going well, but again she is experimenting with mice, cockroaches, millipedes and woodlice. There is nothing tasty about a millipede flavoured strawberry. So our salads are more lacy than usual. We are negotiating to have a ‘park’ space and a ‘crop’ space so that the caterpillars have a separate habitat. I have asked her to look into silkworm variants that would like a mixed veg diet. Might as well turn a profit on the wildlife =).After we all calmed down she admitted she has been wondering about a bird family to eat surplus wildlife but hasn’t found any space-ready pairs. I suggested chooks could be handy, but Whisky said the volume of throughput could be an issue so perhaps something smaller and insect-focused would be ok. Who knows it could give us some trade diversity. Depends where we go =).


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